Supplemental Forms

Some things need more paperwork

Student registration is done fully online, however sometimes there is more paperwork that needs to be filled out.   You can find those special forms on this page.


Class Assignment Change

Our automated registration system will place students into classes based on their birth date, school history, and pre-requisites.

Sometimes, it makes a mistake. If you would like to request a class change, please use this form.

Order TNTT Uniforms

For Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể, your child may need a new uniform or scarf. Please use this form to order and turn in with payment.

Once the order is placed, please follow up with TNTT for status and delivery.

Join Parish (Parish ID)

To receive a Parish ID and be eligible to register for our programs, you need to join the parish.

Membership forms can be found on the parish website. Print them, fill out, and submit into the parish office.

Once you have your parish ID, please fill out the student registration form.

Adult Volunteer Background Check

All adult volunteers who work around and with children are required by the Archdiocese of Seattle to complete a background check.

Our parish requires adult volunteers to fill out and turn in a background check form.

Parent Volunteer Attendance

Parent Volunteers are expected to volunteer a certain number of times per year.

To help track volunteer days, please download this form and fill out which days you volunteered. Be sure to have the volunteer committee leader sign the sheet for each day you volunteer.

General Student Permission Slip

Some classes may host a retreat or take a field trip off church grounds.

Please fill out the permission slip sent home with your child for the event and sent along with your student to school.

If you need a general permission slip, use the form below. Make sure to fill in the dates and name of the event.

Registration Fee Reimbursement for Student Volunteers

For youth who attend a program but also actively volunteer in TNTT, Giao Ly, or VNDL, families can receive a reimbursement for that child’s registration fee. This is only for the single person and not the entire family.

The volunteer student will fill out a special form for reimbursement, and get it signed by the director (required) mid-way through the year.

Reimbursment for Parish Expenses

For volunteers and teachers who purchase items on behalf of the church, reimbursements are provided using the online form.

Please be sure to get approval from the program director before purchasing, otherwise your reimbursement may not be approved.