Student Conduct In Class

Dress Code

  1. We encourage students to wear TNTT uniforms all day
  2. Keep your clothing modest while on church and school grounds
    • Generally, for tops, wear t-shirts, button up shirts, or collared shifts which cover the majority of the body. Shorts allowed if they cover the thigh halfway.  Skirts no shorter than two inches above knee.
    • Not Allowed
      • Shirts and uppers that show bare midriffs, or show areas normally covered by bathing suits.
      • Visible undergarments
      • Clothes with excessive tears, rips,
      • Any clothing with: violent language/images. hate speech, profanity, sexual innuendos, drugs/alcohol, Gang affiliated clothing or gang paraphernalia
  3. During TNTT class time: Keep in uniform while in TNTT. Please see Huynh Truong if you are out of uniform.
  4. If students are caught violating dress code, they will be asked to change or cover with a jacket — personal jacket, borrowed from a classmate, or lost & found. If the student is unwilling to cover, they will not be allowed in class and asked to go home and change.  Parents notified on incidents.

Electronic Devices

  1. Use of phones, gaming devices, ear plugs, ear phones (air pods), or head phones are prohibited during classes and inside the church. Students must put these out of view during class times.
  2. Teachers & HT are allowed to take away personal devices until the end of class, especially if they are distracting others.

Food and Drink

  1. Food (snacks, candy, meals) and drinks are not allowed in rooms during class-time.  They are NEVER allowed inside the church, nor the chapel for any reason.  Closed/capped water-bottles are okay during class.