Registration & Online Team

Registration takes a lot of work.  The following volunteers have dedicated much time and energy to making registration successful. 

David Dũng Nguyễn

David is quite good at coding and writing front end & middleware. He likes to work for food, and as a result will be a slave... uhem, joyful servant, to our parish for a long time. 🙂 He also enjoys a good new movie when he has the free time.

Sơn Trần

Sơn also writes code. Some people on the team call him the boss, but he doesn't like that name. In his free time he enjoys football. Lots of football. Watching. Playing. Watching.

Khang Nguyễn

Khang is a SW Dev Manager in real life, and for registration has dedicated himself to creating UI flows and UI development. He loves to play the piano in his free time, stimulating the other half of his brain.

Tân Nguyễn

Tân is our backend and database specialist. He frequently prays for the Holy Spirit to ensure his code is correct. When coding correctly, it frees his time to eat out with his family and so he "không phải bị rửa chén."

Sr. Mary Mai Trần

Sr. Mai helps collect and process registrations and parish membership. She's usually at the parish front office.

Hoa Trần

Hoa is a member on on the parish Finance Committee, and processes our payments and registrations. Many consider her a Giáo Lý team mom.

Vũ Nguyễn

Vũ also works closely with the parish Finance Committee and helps process our payments and registrations. He has a great smile.

Minh Quân Triệu

Quân does his best to avoid doing any coding work, and trying to get other people to code. Some say he enjoys writing long documents and emails, even though other volunteers never read them.

Kenny Lê

Actor, Baker, Candlestick Maker. These are the lifelong goals of Kenny, but until he achieves this, he'll be the newest member of the development team.