Parent Teacher Administration (PTA) Team

Committee Lead - Hồ Dũng

“God doesn’t require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.” – Mother Teresa.

There are many other parents on the PTA.  The following are the core leaders of the PTA who work with many of the other parents.  To reach this team, you can email


Hồ Kiều

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Giã Đắc Thành

"I’m hoping that joy will be Kind of contagious" -- Father William McKee

Phan Thị Hà Holly

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Nguyễn Tuyền

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Stephano Trương Thiên Lộc

"Put your cares in God’s hand, and He will put peace into your heart."

I joined TNTT in 1996 in ngành HS. I was teach ngành HS for years and also specialized in camping skills training (ban kỹ thuật) not only for our Đoàn but all Đoàn trong miền TB (from Oregon to Vancouver, Canada) since they most young team back then. I was also a bass player for ca đoàn TNTT Chúa Hài Đồng.