Parent Volunteer Committees

General Administrators

Our program administration is for all 5 programs -- Thieu Nhi Thanh The, Giao Ly, Viet Ngu Dac Lo, Muc Vu Tre (Youth Ministry), and Young Families Ministry. Our "Ban Dieu Hanh" leadership team is made up of the following team.

Tho Tran - Minh Quan Trieu - Xuan Hy Le - Hoa Tran

In addition to these people the following committee leads form the "Ban Dieu Hanh"


Start here if you don't know where to volunteer. Our Parent-Teacher-Administrators helps tasks like attendance tracking, hallway monitoring, and make it easy for parents to volunteer.

Thanh Duong

Food - Ban Âm Thực

Help feed all our students and volunteers. Together, our Food committee prepares and serves nearly 1,000 meals each Saturday.

Song Hà Trần

Facility & Maintenence

Help keep our facility in good shape. We have broken doors, windows and bathrooms that need repair. Each season, our HVAC needs to be adjusted as well.

Michael Trần


Help keep our students and families safe from harm and strangers. This includes patrolling the outside and access doors of the building, helping clear buildings, and making sure that rules are enforced.


Registration and Data Systems

See the registration members.

Help with registration and online parent information, records, and class rosters. It is important to keep our data systems correct and accurate. Also assist in processing registration, payments, and calling and speaking with other parents.

Tân Nguyễn

Fire & Emergency Safety

Emergencies require plans and practice. Help make sure our volunteers and evacuation plans are compliant and documented. Make sure our facilities have clear signage and emergency drills throughout the year.

Dũng Hồ

Parish Office

Parish administration, family membership records, sacramental records.

Sr. Mary Mai Trần


Students get sick, hurt, and need care. Help with our Nurse's office and care for students who might be having a bad day. Volunteers requested with licensed medical or nursing background.

LệTrường Vương
Nịnh Trường

Sanitizing & Custodial

Given the COVID-19 requirements we have gotten used to a new standard of 'clean'. Help in keeping our facility looking and feeling fresh throughout the day, especially in our hallways, bathrooms, and common areas.

Parking and Traffic

Help on the exterior of the building to provide safe walking paths and traffic control. This ensures safety of all the children as they move from the church buildings, and ensure cars are making good use of parking and the driving lanes.

Hung Huynh

Giáo Lý Class Support

Help the Faith Formation program directly, with administration, attendance, activities planning, parent outreach, and in-classroom assistance.

Việt Ngữ Đắc Lộ Class Support

Help the Vietnamese Culture and Language program directly, with administration, attendance, activities planning, parent outreach, and in-classroom assistance.