On-Site Sign up Volunteers

We need a large group of people across Giao Ly, TNTT, and VNDL to help staff our volunteer tables for sign ups and to collect payment.   Since we are doing “online only” this year, we expect a number of families to still need help in person.

To sign up, click here to edit the spreadsheet and sign yourself up

Some things missing in instructions below

  1. How to sign up parents for volunteer dates
  2. How to printing confirmation emails
  3. Handling payment 

Volunteer Instructions - 6 Stations

Please see directions and instructions below to guide you through your volunteer session.   We have a number of stations set up to help parish members, and will need volunteers at each station. 

Station: New Family Registration

This station is for families who have never joined Giao Ly, TNTT, or VNDL before.


  1. Ask for Parish ID — if they don’t know it have them go to the Parish ID table.
  2. Ask again whether the Parish ID is their own, or if it belongs to grand parent or relative.  It must be their family id. 
  3. Confirm that the family is not already in the database using the in-house application.  If they exist, have them to go the Renew Registration station.
  4. Enter the family into the database application.
  5. Anh Tan needs to fill in rest. 
  6. Collect payment.

Station: Get Parish ID

If a family doesn't remember their Parish ID, or needs to join the parish.


  1. Get Parish membership forms from main office
  2. Get laptop ready with Parish ID directory (this is secure file you should not share)
  3. When families ask about Parish ID, confirm their full name, their address and phone number. 
  4. Provide Parish ID.
  5. If a family is not a parish member (parents and immediate children), have them fill out a form and collect it for Sr. Mai.  They will not be able to complete registration until they receive an ID number. 
  6. If Sr. Mai is onsite, she can generate a number for them but otherwise they will have to wait. 

Station: Renew Registration

This station is for families who have at least 1 child in previous years with Giao Ly, TNTT, or VNDL. We will walk them through registering themselves and helping answer their questions.


  1. Ask for their Parish ID, and confirm the parish ID is their own and not a grandparent or relative.
  2. Look up the family in the database app. 
  3. Confirm with them current mailing address, phone number, and email
  4. Mention to them the email is where they will receive their registration confirmation. 
  5. Look up their token.
  6. Open web browser to registration Family Access page, and have them log in.
  7. Walk them through registration, make sure they fill out all details about Guardian and children.
  8. When they are done, ask them to check their phone for receipt of confirmation email.
  9. (do they collect payment?)

Station: Payments

This station will collect payments and also help with data entry of payments into our database.


  1. Load and log in to the database application.
  2. For every payment, record into datbaase based on the family parish ID, and also the payment ID.
  3. Every family will have a “PrePayment” amount, meaning how much they must pay. 
  4. Verify that the children count is correct.  Verify children are correctly enrolled in classes.
  5. Change class enrollments as necessary.
  6. Record payment and make sure it saves into the database.
  7. Write receipt for the family. 

Station: TNTT Uniforms

This station is specific to TNTT and they will be responsible for setting this up.

  1. Set up separate table for TNTT Uniforms
  2. Make sure parents are fully registered for classes
  3. Before they leave, give specific instructions on where to pick up uniforms and when they can pick up. 

Station: Registration Problems & Class Changes

This station is the problem solving station and to accommodate special requests.

  1. Make sure to have laptops with database app loaded and ready. 
  2. For classroom changes, we can take care of them site, but if not have them fill out Classroom Assignment Change form online.


During Registration, please join the following network: 

WiFi SSID:  On Site Registration 
Password:  98188vmpwa

There is a single printer in the Giao Ly office which can be plugged into a computer to print.   

See the coordinate on site to get your individual password access to the database.

First, click here to download the database and SQL native client drivers (password required).  Pick x86 for most Microsoft Office installations. You must have Microsoft Access installed on the computer.   

Second, click here for instructions for installing and configuring on your Windows Computer.

Before using the database, make sure you have installed it correctly on your Windows computer.

Then launch the application and log in using the username and password provided to you by the coordinator. 

Click and view this online document for instructions on how to: 

  • Search for a Family
  • Verify Online registration
  • Complete registration and register payment
  • Sign up Parents for volunteer dates
  • Register entirely onsite (no web registration)
  • Add a new Family to system
  • Add a Family member
  • Update or change family and member information
  • Change the assigned class
(if you need to edit document above, click here)