Medical Volunteer Team Requirements

Requirement and Skills needed to be First Aid Volunteer:

  • Currently working in healthcare facility/clinic
  • BLS/First Aid Certified
    • Know How to Perform CPR
    • Know How to Handle Choking
    • Know Allergy Response
  • Communication skills / interpersonal ability. First aid is all about people!
  • Confidence
  • Attention to Detail
  • Teamwork
  • Complete background check (turn in your form with Sr. Mai)


  • Able to assess the situation quickly and calmly. Safety: check whether you or the casualty (student) are in any danger. Call 911 if needed.
  • Protect yourself and them from any danger.
  • Prevent infection between you and the student.
  • Comfort and reassurance.
  • Assess the casualty and give first aid treatment as needed for injuries not considered serious, which may include cleaning injured areas and applying antiseptic, salves, ointments, or bandages.
  • Arrange for help if needed (reach out to lead if have additional questions)
  • Document in log sheet (name of student, age, concerns, treatment)
  • Able to volunteer minimum of 3 Saturdays/school year (0945-1530)