Important COVID-19 Impact and Changes for the 2021-2022 school year

Adjustments we are making this year

Due to recent events and the health implications affecting the families and surrounding community, the following changes will be made to our program, for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year

  • If the parish is unable to hold classes, registration fees will be carried forward and applied to the next year. By request, a refund will be provided to the family making the request.
  • Teachers, catechists, and volunteers are to follow the Archdiocese requirements around vaccinations (see below).
  • Free, full-service lunch is suspended until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.  Please have your children pack and bring their own sack lunches for the lunch hour.  Please join the parent food committee to assist in this planning.

COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines

Classes are planned to be held in-person, with online as a back up.  For in-person classes, we will follow the protocols below.

Please plan extra time before class for our drop-off procedures.  It is recommended that families plan to arrive 20 minutes early to check-in properly.

  1. Students who are not feeling well MUST stay home.
  2. Children with temperatures over 100.4 F will be sent home . Parents MUST pick up child immediately.  If parents do not pick up child, child will be quarantine with other sick children and local emergency will transport your child a medical facility at parent’s cost.  No exception.

The Parish is not responsible for children outside of classroom times, Parents picking up their children during classroom times must check in at the front desk.  Only the main entrance will be used for access to and from the building.

  1. Face mask is required at all times, except during eating and drinking. Face mask design must be neutral with no offensive graphics or logos.  Face Mask policy subject to change.
  2. Drinking fountain will be for refilling bottles only, for health and safety.
  3. Tables, chairs and door handles are to be disinfected frequently between programs. 
  4. Restrooms are to be sanitized frequently when used.
  5. Hand sanitizing stations will be set up in the facility.
  1. Our parish COVID-19 point of contact is Peter (Nghia) Nguyen.  For contact information please call the parish office (206) 325-5626. 

The Archdiocese of Seattle has released guidelines for Faith Formation programs who have regular contact with children.  Our program follows these guidelines through the work of the volunteers. 

Teachers, Catechists, and volunteers who have direct contact with children are required to be vaccinated per the memo from Archbishop Entienne.  There are moral and medical exemptions which are recognized (see the memo for more information).

Additional guidelines and recommendations from the Archdiocese is linked in the resources below.