How to Sign Up for Volunteering

To satisfy the volunteering requirement, parents may sign up as a Regular Volunteer, committed to the whole year, or sign up for three separate days as a Miscellaneous volunteer.

From the parent dashboard, scroll down to the Volunteer section

  • Click on Add Volunteer
  • On the form, choose whether you would like to be Regular Volunteer or just a 1-Day Miscellaneous volunteer.
    • If you choose Regular Volunteer, select the committee you would like to help with. To see a list of all the committees, visit this page.
      • Regular Volunteers are greatly appreciated, and commit for the full year, on a rotation schedule.
      • Regular Volunteers can change committees during the year, if appropriate.
    • If you choose 1-Day Volunteer,
      • select the specific day you will come to church to volunteer. Your job will be assigned when you arrive to volunteer.
      • If you need to, parents can change your commitment date later through the online portal.
  • Select the parent that will volunteer.
  • When you are done, click on “Save”
    • If you chose 1-Day Volunteer in step #2, you must repeat this process a total of 3 times to satisfy your volunteer requirement.

Important Notes:

  • Once you sign up for enough volunteering dates, the family $ balance will update automatically to remove the additional volunteering fee.

How to change your volunteer date

For 1-Day Volunteer, parents may change the date of volunteering by editing the change.  To change your date, log into the system and scroll down to the volunteer section:

Click on Edit.  On the next page select the new date. 


  • You can not change from a 1-Day volunteer to a Regular Volunteer. 
  • You can not change from a Regular Volunteer to a 1-Day Volunteer. 
  • If you need to make that change, please contact registration support.