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Registration is CLOSED

Early Registration May 14-31
Registration re-opens August 7 - Aug 21, subject to availability.
Late Registration Aug 22 - Aug 28. Late fees apply.  subject to availability.

Late Registration Contact List

For families who missed the registration deadline, please consider signing up with our program starting in May 2024. 

If you would like to be added to our contact list, in case spots open up, please add your family information to our contact list form:

Classroom Waitlists to be updated Sept 5th

The program leaders are working through the registration rosters and updating the classroom waitlists.

Parents may log into the registration system to check the status of their students on the waiting list.

Below is a screenshot of an example of students on the waiting list in the registration system.

Example: Two children in a family on waiting list

Faith and Cultural Programs at our Parish

Current Registration

Early Registration