Family Expectations and Policies


All Families registering or volunteering with our programs agree to the following policies

Last Updated 2023-10-25

Families, guardians of children who register for the program, and volunteers agree to the following policies and requirements.

Parent and Guardian Expectations

  • Attendance and Time :
    1. Children are to be brought and picked up from the programs on time per the school schedule.
    2. If a child will be absent or sick, parents/guardians have responsibility to report absence before class.   Please include child’s full name, parish ID, and the reason for absence using the online form.
    3. All adults and parents are to check-in with the parish office directly before picking up children for early dismissal.
  • Volunteer Contribution
    1. Our programs are 100% run by volunteers.
    2. All family parents/guardians are expected to volunteer with a committee during the year.  This helps build community and also keeps registration costs low.  Without volunteers, we would have to cancel and shutdown our program. 
    3. Families who do not fulfill the obligation are asked to contribute an extra $100 (per family) per year.  
    4. Many children and students share they appreciate their parents helping out, and support them coming to school.
  • Safety
    1. It is expected that parents provide supervision for their children, while at the parish.   If children are not actively attending class, parents are expected to provide supervision of their children.  The parish is not responsible for harm or injuries to children, especially due to the lack of parental supervision.
    2. The parish and volunteers are not liable for children who are not picked up on time, left unsupervised at the parish, or where children knowingly wander off church property.
    3. Parents have the responsibility to report any suspicious individuals or events on or around the parish.  Please report to the parish office.
    4. Parents are help keep classrooms secure by avoiding lurking or waiting in the hallways, or peering into classes unnecessarily.

To learn more see the Parent Committee page.

  • Food and Snack Committee
  • Security and Child Safety Committee
  • Sanitizing Committee
  • Medical Committee
  • Facility and Maintenance Committee
  • Administration and Registration
  • PTA Coordinator
  • Parish Council Liaison

Additionally, parents can help volunteer specifically in Thiêu Nhi Thánh Thể, Giáo Lý, and Việt Ngữ Đắc Lộ.  To do so, contact the program leaders directly.

Volunteers and Personnel Requirements

  • Our parish follows guidelines and policies set forth by the Seattle Archdiocese :
  • Our parish will follow the guidelines and policies for the Code of Professional Conduct for Church Personnel
  • Parents interacting with children must be certified in the Call to Protect safety class.
    1. Sign up online at the website:   (Create a new account if you do not have one)
    2. Submit for a Background Check
    3. Sign up for new training.  Click on “Training” and select Live Training
    4. If you already have done training in the past, complete what is needed to “Recertify”
    5. If you want training at our parish, search the list for training at “Church of the Vietnamese Martyrs (Tukwila)”
  • Volunteers are to arrive on time and honor their volunteering commitments.
  • Volunteers are to have proper behavior, language, attire, focusing on the educational, religious, and cultural purpose of our programs.
  • Volunteers are to use and keep the facilities clean and organized, cleaning before and after to ensure their classrooms and spaces are ready for the next class.
  • Volunteers are to use the classrooms only during their scheduled times, and release the classrooms when the time is up.
  • Volunteers are to abide by the facility rules, such as non-smoking facilities, and proper handling of food and garbage.
  • Volunteers are to keep security requirements and limit access to classrooms, and help with emergency procedures.
  • Volunteers are to report any suspicious activity, people (e.g. homeless or transients) to the parish office immediately.

General Program Policies

  • Students are expected to attend school and programs regularly and on-time.
  • Children & minors are not permitted to leave the parish grounds without the supervision of their parent or guardian.   When reported, parish volunteers will try and reach out to parents for children who are known to have left the premises, and request them to be supervised and taken home.
  • Students and children violating these policies will be disciplined, including but not limited to, being sent home or dismissal from the program entirely.

Clothing and Attire

  • Wear proper clothing, uniforms, as required by your program.  Revealing or sexually suggested clothing, distracting articles of clothing are not allowed and as a result student may be dismissed from school for the day.

Safety & Weapons

  • Weapons (such as guns, knives, etc) are not allowed on the parish grounds for any reason.
  • Students and children who bring dangerous items will have such items confiscated and reported, and disciplinary action taken.


  • Possession of illegal drugs or use of illegal drugs are not allowed at any time at the parish.   Such possession or use will be reported to the authorities.

Physical & Sexual Harassment

  • Any bullying, physical violence, or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Please report any incidents to adult volunteers and the program directors, who will then notify the parish faculty.
  • We recognize that in a school environment, the children are learning and growing in a community.  We will use all efforts to make any conflicts a learning opportunity for them to grow and improve, in the parish spirit.

Physical Damage

  • Students and children are to respect the parish facility and building at all times.  Any littering, vandalism, graffiti will be clean or repaired and charged to the student’s family.  Due to the very low costs of our programs, any damage to the facility will be referred to the parents