Class Change Request

Is your child assigned to the wrong class?

Our systems automatically assign students to their classes, and sometimes there is a mistake.

Some examples:

  • In Giao Ly, some children still need First Communion even though they are older in 4th or 5th grade, or even as a teenager.
  • In VNDL, classes are based on comprehension and writing ability, and your child was placed in the wrong skill level.
  • In TNTT, your child is not attending with the same grade of students in school.

To submit a class change request, you must:

  1. You must first complete your online registration.  After you receive your registration confirmation email; then
  2. Fill in the information required below.  The system will send your request to our program directors.  It also sends a confirmation email to you regarding the request.
  3. It may take several days for the program directors to respond (registration is a busy time!).  If after a few days, reply to the email you receive about the class change.